The London Bridge is a very popular attraction in Lake Havasu City.  It is a part of London’s past brought over to Arizona.


It was in 1968, when Robert P. McCulloch, Sr., the developer of Lake Havasu City, began his search for something to make the city unique.  During his travels, while he was in England, he discovered a bridge for sale.  The multi-arch bridge over the Thames River needed to come down, due to its instability. 

McCulloch jumped at the opportunity.  He bought the London Bridge and had it taken apart piece by piece.  Each brick was numbered and transported back to Lake Havasu City.  Once the pieces arrived, they were reassembled over a man-made inlet on the Colorado River.  Then on October 1971, the bridge was officially dedicated to the city.

London Bridge hosts many other activities around it.  You will find an old time English Village along the Colorado that looks out onto the London Bridge.  The village is a highlight with a multi-million dollar resort complex of shops, restaurants and hotels.  There are boating excursions and golfing nearby.

It is easy to locate the London Bridge, it is in the heart of Lake Havasu City.  It is just off of U.S. Highway 95.  You can also get there from Parker, by traveling north on U. S. 95 up to Lake Havasu City.  Then look for the bridge.

It is a true landmark for Lake Havasu City.