Leupp is located along the southwest bank of the Little

Colorado River in north central Arizona, in the southwest corner

of the Navajo Reservation and the eastern portion of Coconino

County. Early scattered settlements developed during the 1800s

because of the availability of water along the Little Colorado

River. These had long been a travel route for the Navajo people.

In 1902, a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) boarding school was

established. Shortly thereafter, the school was moved to a new

location now known as Old Leupp.


In 1907, Leupp became the headquarters of the Leupp

Reservation, one of five Navajo Reservations that existed before

1936. In 1936, the Navajo Nation was combined under the pre-sent

administrative center in Window Rock, Arizona.

The Navajo chapter organization was instituted in 1932 to

act as service units for the Agricultural Extension's efforts to

bring in techniques to improve farming. These chapters evolved

into local governmental units servicing surrounding residents.

Leupp is one of the 110 chapters on the Navajo Reservation. In

1961, the BIA rebuilt the boarding school which became the

center for social and political activities. Today, Leupp has been

designated a secondary growth center on the Navajo



Leupp is rapidly becoming one of the reservation's major growth

centers, focusing on high-tech industries. Established in 1982,

Tooh Dineh Industries manufactures complex printed circuit

boards, on-board locomotive computers, modems and other

computer peripherals for the information, communication and

transportation industries. Operating from a 55,000 square foot

facility, the company employs more than 375 people and is the

largest electronics firm in northern Arizona.

Presently, El Paso Natural Gas operates in Leupp. An industrial

park has been developed and is available for occupancy by

light industries and offices.


The services sector is the second major employer in the

community with educational services having the largest number

of employees. Federal and Tribal agencies located in Leupp also

provide a substantial number of jobs. With the numerous

scenic attractions in the area of Leupp, increased tourism is

expected and development of accommodations for tourists is

being considered for the area.


Grand Falls on the Little Colorado, Meteor Crater, and the

Painted Desert are some of the numerous scenic attractions of

unspoiled beauty located near Leupp. Also nearby

are the San Francisco Peaks, Sunset Crater National Monument,

Walnut Canyon National Monument and Canyon Diablo.