Lake Montezuma, Rim rock and McGuireville

are part of the Verde Valley, centered in Arizona's Yavapai

County. The Valley is surrounded by national forest lands with

Wet Beaver Creek flowing through it. Interstate 17 crosses the

Valley north and south connecting Phoenix (100 miles south)

and Flagstaff (50 miles north).

Lake Montezuma takes its name from the nearby famous

Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well and Indian ruins.

Rim rock was named for a dude ranch that was located near

the community. Rim rock’s post office, established in 1929,

serves the area residents. McGuireville was for many years

called “The Station” due to the gas service Eugene McGuire

offered to travelers on their way from Camp Verde to

Stoneman Lake. These communities are unincorporated.


Lake Montezuma, Rim rock and McGuireville residents tradition-ally

had been retirees, however within the past three years

Increasingly young families are moving to the area due to

affordable housing and land costs. Verde Valley's dry, healthful

climate, recreational facilities and proximity to Phoenix and surrounding

metropolitan areas have made these communities an

ideal place to live. Income comes from a variety of sources

including home-based businesses, mid-level incomes and

retirement supplements.


The retail trade and service sectors benefit from the tourist

traffic because of the adjacency to the national monuments,

Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well. The majority of the

businesses are proprietor owned and operated.


The Fort Verde State Park in Camp Verde features numerous military

artifacts, Indian relics and articles used by the early settlers.

Four of the original adobe fort buildings are still standing and

open to the public. On the second Saturday in October, Camp

Verde celebrates “Fort Verde Days” with a parade, rodeo, barbecue

and cavalry drills.


Montezuma Castle National Monument, a short distance

south of Rim rock/Lake Montezuma, is a two-unit national monument.

The main unit contains some of the best preserved

cliff dwellings in the United States. The Montezuma Well unit

features a large natural limestone sink, whose waters were used

for a network of prehistoric irrigation canals.

The Verde Valley area has scenic views of the San Francisco

Peaks, the red rocks of Sedona, Mingus Mountain and the green

valley of Lake Montezuma, along with numerous Indian Ruins

that dot the area, hiking trails and bird watching along the