Lake Mohave is the first stop along the Colorado northward to Lake Mead National Recreational Area.  The lake is 67 miles and filled with lots of outdoor fun. 

You can get a houseboat, sail, jet ski, wind surf or water ski.  If you want to get a look at Lake Mohave from land, there are picnic tables and camping spots.  Waterfront resorts also dot the shores of Lake Mohave, which have good swimming areas and terrific beaches.  Or you might want to try your hand at fishing.  Mohave Lake has everything for the outdoor lover.

You can get to Lake Mohave by heading north out of Bullhead City on Highway 95 to the junction at Davis Dam.  From there check around for signs to the resorts and marinas that are along the lake.  If you are coming from Kingman, travel out of town on Beale Street.  Once you get to Highway 68, take it west toward Laughlin and Bullhead City.  Lake Mohave is just off of Highway 68 before you cross Davis Dam.  You will see signs for the resorts and marinas that are near the Lake.