Lake Havasu City, home of the historic London Bridge, is on the east shore of Lake Havasu on the Colorado River border of California and Arizona. McCulloch Properties, Inc.
established the town in 1963 as a self-sufficient, planned community. It is the major population center of southern Mohave County, one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.
Lake Havasu City incorporated in 1978.

Lake Havasu City attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to its calm waters and beautiful beaches. The London Bridge and its adjacent English village are the focal points of a multi-million dollar resort complex of shops, restaurants and lodging facilities. A million visitors bring $100 million annually to the economy of Lake Havasu City.

The city's founding company, McCulloch Corporation, employs over 400 workers in the manufacture of components for chainsaws, string trimmers, and related products. Sterilite Corporation, the largest U.S. independent manufacturer of plastic houseware products, employs more than 375 people in their 450,000 sq. ft. facility. In addition, a cluster of boat manufacturers, including high performance and leisure craft like Advantage, Conquest, Magic, and Nordic, have found a natural home by the lake. Leaders in personal watercraft manufacturing, both Kawasaki, and Yamaha have research and development operations within the community. Other manufactured products include engines for model airplanes and boats, metal mirrors for laser applications, custom cabinets, countertops, tools, and components for the electronics, computer and aircraft industries.

The opening of the London Bridge in October 1971 by McCulloch Properties, Inc. brought a unique attraction to Lake Havasu City. The Bridge has been reconstructed over a channel of Lake Havasu and an English village replica built next to it. Forty-five-mile-long Lake Havasu, formed by Parker Dam on the Colorado River, offers abundant attractions to its visitors. The deep blue water, with its coves and inlets, makes the lake a good fishing spot for bluegill and crappie. The city hosts a number of major bass competitions throughout the year. Open stretches of water are the scene of annual national outboard championships, sailing competitions, water skiing and International Jet Ski championships.
Early mines and mining towns are scattered in the desert to the north and east of Havasu; the most famous of these is Oatman. Lake Havasu State Park and Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge provide areas where one can explore the rugged terrain where birds and small game flourish.

For those interested in geological phenomena, the area surrounding Lake Havasu City is ideal. Within a 10-mile radius of the city, such specimens as volcanic rock, geodes, jaspers, obsidian, turquoise, and agate can be uncovered. Hikers will enjoy a trek into the area's rocks, Indian ruins, and abandoned mines.

The London Bridge is a very popular attraction in Lake Havasu City. It is a part of London's past brought over to Arizona.

It was in 1968, when Robert P. McCulloch, Sr., the developer of Lake Havasu City, began his search for something to make the city unique. During his travels, while he was in England, he discovered a bridge for sale. The multi-arch bridge over the Thames River needed to come down, due to its instability.

McCulloch jumped at the opportunity. He bought the London Bridge and had it taken apart piece by piece. Each brick was numbered and transported back to Lake Havasu City. Once the pieces arrived, they were reassembled over a man-made inlet on the Colorado River. Then on October 1971, the bridge was officially dedicated to the city.
London Bridge hosts many other activities around it. You will find an old-time English Village along the Colorado that looks out onto the London Bridge. The village is a highlight with a multi-million dollar resort complex of shops, restaurants, and hotels. There are boating excursions and golfing nearby.

It is easy to locate the London Bridge, it is in the heart of Lake Havasu City. It is just off of U.S. Highway 95. You can also get there from Parker, by traveling north on U. S. 95 up to Lake Havasu City. Then look for the bridge.
It is a true landmark for Lake Havasu City.

Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
Havasu NWR is bisected by the Colorado River and lies within the Mojave Desert. The refuge includes a large man-made marsh, beautiful backwater areas adjacent to the Colorado River surrounded by high and curved mountain peaks and cliffs, riverine rock and gravel strewn hills and sand dunes.
These different land and aquatic areas with their associated mixes of vegetation provide a multitude of habitats and a variety of ecosystems within the harsh desert environment. A variety of wildlife can be seen on the refuge.
Neotropical birds, including the endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, frequent riparian areas, waterfowl visit the refuge during fall and winter. Marsh-dwelling birds live year-round throughout the area, including the endangered Yuma clapper rail.
A large number of reptiles and amphibians can be seen as well as desert bighorn sheep. Thousands of people come to the refuge during the spring and summer months. Most of their boating activities occur along the Colorado River.

Lake Havasu State Park

There are two distinct units at this water lovers' paradise, Windsor Beach, and Cattail Cove. Windsor Beach is a wonderfully developed area in Lake Havasu City just north of the famed London Bridge. (London Bridge was dismantled at its original site in England and rebuilt in Arizona by developer Robert McCulloch in 1971.) Windsor Beach is popular for day use, camping, and launching all varieties of watercraft. A new group campground is available by reservation.

• Restrooms/Showers (Handicapped Accessible)
• Waste Disposal
• Group Use Area
• Fishing
• Boating
• Boat Ramp
• Picnic Area
• Hiking Trails
• Ramadas

Physical Attributes of Park Site
• Acreage - 6,200
• Approximate Elevation - 480 feet
• Number of Camping Units - 75 & 55 boat access only

• Stay Limit - 15 days
• Visitor Center - Hours vary
• Park Phone Number - (520)855-2784

Golden Shores Arizona
Golden Shores is in Western Arizona. It is in Mohave County. The town is located near the Colorado River and Interstate 40, halfway between Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City/Laughlin, Nevada on County Highway 277. Havasu National Wildlife Refuge lies alongside the town.

Golden Shores is a small resort community. It attracts retirees, businesses, and families. The terrific outdoor activities located nearby and the great climate make it the perfect place to visit. The warm desert climate has a winter low temperature of 40 degrees and summer high temperature of 105 degrees. Those living in Golden Shores are always happy to give visitors some western hospitality.

Community Features:
There are two super outdoor activities, which will make your visit to the area complete. Lake Havasu Wildlife Refuge is located on the west side of the community by the Colorado River. The refuge is home to over 200 different species of birds. Camping and fishing are allowed in specified areas. Historic Route 66 runs through Golden Shores and gives drivers a nostalgic look back in time. The highway stretches from Ash Fork to Topock/Golden Shores and is the longest piece of the “Mother Road” still intact today.