Attractions: The cabin and associated barn are among the best-maintained structures on the entire Forest. Originally constructed about 1906 for use in deer counts by Forest Service personnel, it has since been modified and maintained for use by hunters and stockmen.

Location: Fourteen miles west of Big Springs, adjacent to Kanab Creek Wilderness.

Elevation: 5700 FEET.

Access: One-quarter (1/4) mile south of Visitor Center on AZ 67, turn west on FR 461 and FR 462 for 9 miles to FR 422. Turn south on FR 422 and go about 6.5 miles to Big Springs. Two miles south of Big Springs, go west 4 miles on FR 447, then 0.3 mile north on FR 427 to FR 234, then west 7 miles to FR 423; then turn south to the end of the road (about 0.8 mile). These are primitive dirt roads not designed for sedans or foul weather travel. The one-way trip from North Kaibab Visitor Center can take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Vegetation: This area is a pinyon-juniper woodland, lower in elevation than the higher ponderosa pine forest. Big sagebrush forms a significant understory. Less abundant but more important for deer food is the widely distributed cliffrose.

Wildlife: Ths is important winter range for the Kaibab deer herd. They inhabit this area from about October to May. Other mammals of consequence are the coyote and bobcat. The fox and mountain lion are present, but are few in number. Porcupine, wood rat, rock squirrel, chipmunk, rabbits, and mice are common in this habitat.