Hoover Dam is rated as one of America’s Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders.  It is also the highest dam in the United States and is a National Landmark.  It is a sight to see!  The Dam stands 726 feet and is one of the highest concrete structures ever built.

The dam was originally intended to be built in Boulder Canyon, but Black Canyon was chosen because it was more structurally sound.  Construction began in 1931, and was completed in 1936.  It was built for flood control and water storage.

Tours of the dam began back in 1937 and since then 700,000 visitors a year have taken the tour.  The tour of the dam and power plant lasts approximately one hour.  Visitors should be prepared to walk half a mile.  The tour is fully accessible and wheelchairs are available for use.

You will begin your tour of Hoover Dam by descending 520 feet into the canyon wall.  Here you will walk through a tunnel into the power plant.  The tour includes seeing several hydroelectric generators and a 25 minute film on its construction.  The tour is not recommended for those using pacemakers due to the electromagnetic frequencies produced by the generators.  The 25 minute film is available throughout the day on video monitors located near the theater entrance inside the Visitor Center. 

The tour also gives visitors an opportunity to see the dam from the outside along the Colorado River.  At this advantage point, you will see Hoover Dam towering more than 500 feet above the River.  Then you will enter into a tunnel.  The tunnel is a diversion tunnel that measures 50 feet in diameter.  These tunnels were used during the dam’s construction, to divert the water around so the dam could be built.

There is also a one hour and 15 minute Hard Hat tour at the dam.  It takes visitors behind the scenes.  You will see the inner workings of the dam. 

The Visitor Center at Hoover Dam is open daily 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.  The Center is closed on Christmas.  Admission to the tours is $8.00, individuals over 61 $7.00 and children 6 –16 are $2.00.  If you are interested in the Hard Hat tour the cost is $25.00.  If you have questions, you can call 702-293-8321 or 702-294-3523.

Hoover Dam is located 80 miles northwest of Kingman on State Highway 93.  The Visitor Center is actually on the Nevada side.  The dam has a 400 car-parking garage that is adjacent to the Visitor Center.  Many people come to see Hoover Dam and many more drive across it.