The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has been in operation since 1969.  The name Deer Farm conjures up images of pens filled with deer, but this not the case.  Visitors will walk with the deer and have many opportunities to feed them.  But that isn’t all you will see.  There are pygmy goats, antelope, miniature donkeys, buffalo, potbellied pig, chickens, peacocks, cockatoo, reindeer and llamas.

All of the animals are spread out on the ten-acre farm.  The most popular animal is the 60 to 80 fallow deer, which make the farm their home.  These deer will walk right up to you and start asking for a snack.  You can feed them a cup of corn and pellets.  Visitors will follow a path through the farm enjoying the many animals. 

One of the best times to make your visit is during the months of May, June and July.  It is during this time of year that the fawns are being born.  Or you might want to stop in during April to see the bucks shed their antlers.

Some of the unique animals need to be portioned off from the public for your protection.  You will be able to see them behind fences.  The Grand Canyon Deer Farm wants your visit to be a memorable one and your safety is a priority.  There are some animals that don’t mingle well with people.

At the end of your visit, you won’t want to miss the large gift shop.  Here you will find every kind of animal souvenir for you to remember your visit.

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has varying hours, depending on the time of year.  During March, April and May it is open daily 9:00 to 6:00, during June, July and August it is open daily 8:00 to 7:00, during September and October it is open daily 9:00 to 6:00 and during November through February it is open 10:00 to 5:00.  The farm is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas and if weather is poor.  The admission cost is $4.50 for seniors, $5.50 for adults, $3.25 for children 3 to 13 and those 2 and under are free.  Group rates are available, however advance reservations are requested.  For more information, you may call 1-800-926-DEER or 520-635-4073.

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has a large parking area to accommodate RV’s, semi-trucks, trailers and buses.

You can get to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm from Williams by heading east out of town on Interstate 40 for 8 miles.  Then take exit 171 at Deer Farm Road and follow the signs.  If you are coming from Phoenix or Tucson take Interstate 10 north out of town up to Flagstaff.  Once in Flagstaff take Interstate 40 west out of town.  Then take exit 171 at Deer Farm Road and follow the signs.  The farm is about 25 miles west of Flagstaff.

You will love this stop.  The kids will remember it forever.  The animals are tame and you will definitely get a terrific photo of these adorable deer.