The Gadsden Hotel was first built in 1907.  The architect H.C. Trost created its design.  The Gadsden is a elegant 5-story, 160 room hotel.  Nothing was held back during its construction.  The Gadsden became the best hotel in the west. 

When the Gadsden Hotel was being built, the area around it was in battle with the Apaches and cattle rustlers.  Arizona was not even a state yet.  The Gadsden was named after James Gadsden, who negotiated the purchase of land that later became part of Arizona and New Mexico.  The Gadsden Purchase took place in 1853 for a price of $10 million dollars.

The hotel was known to be the place for the wheeling and dealing of cattle and mining barons.  It was also a home and place to rest for many cowboys and miners.  The Saddle and Spur Saloon offered cattlemen an opportunity to place their brand on the wall. 

There are tales about how Douglas residents climbed to the roof of the hotel to watch the Mexican Revolution being fought across the border.  Another tale describes an impromptu ride up the marble stairs by Pancho Villa himself.  You can even see the chipped surface on the seventh stair where this ride took place.

Then in 1927, a fire destroyed the original hotel.  But, in 1928 the new owners the Mackeys rebuilt the hotel.  The hotel was built as a replica of the original hotel.  This time, however, steel and concrete were used instead of wood. 

In 1988, the hotel had fallen into disrepair.  In the same year, the Brekus’s family purchased the hotel.  Their love and care of this building has made the hotel a success once again.  Today the Gadsden Hotel is a National Historic Monument and nearly every Arizona Governor has stayed in the hotel.  The hotel includes a lobby with a sweeping Italian marble staircase, Victorian chandelier, a gold leaf ceiling, marble columns, a Tiffany vaulted sky light and stain glass mural.

Guests in the hotel have a variety of services to chose from during their stay.  The Gadsden offers wedding services, tours, convention facilities, banquet rooms, a dress shop, a beauty shop, suites, a dining room, a coffee shop and a tavern.  Visitors can view over 200 registered cattle brands in the famous Saddle and Spurs Tavern.

The Gadsden Hotel is located in Douglas at 1046 G Avenue.