Fort Huachuca is in Western Arizona.  It is in Cochise County.  The town is on Highway 90 near the southeast corner of the state by Mexico.  You can get to Fort Huachuca from Tucson by taking Interstate 10 southeast.  When you get to the town of Benson turn right and head south on Highway 90, which will take you to Fort Huachuca.  If you are coming from Nogales, take Highway 82 northeast out of town.  Then when you cross Highway 90 take a right and head south on Highway 90 to Fort Huachuca.




Fort Huachuca has a rich history.  It is headquarters for the United States Army Information Systems Command, the United States Army Intelligence Center and School, the United States Army Electronic Proving Ground, the Department of Defense Joint Test Element of the Joint Tactical Command, the 11th Signal Brigade and many other activities.  The town has more than 11,700 military and civilian employees and 11,200 military family members.  This influx of people has resulted in $350 million in wages.  It is close to numerous outdoor spots.  The town has a diverse culture being close to the border of Mexico and Fort Huachuca’s military members.  Fort Huachuca covers 73,272 acres.  The town sits at an elevation of 4,623 feet.  The climate is moderate all year round.  The winter lows are 39 degrees and the summer highs are 100 degrees.



In 1848 after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, which ended the United States and Mexican war.  Mexico relinquished territory in what is now southeastern Arizona.  The treaty also stated that the United States be responsible for the new territory’s inhabitants.  The inhabitants were the Apache Indians.  The Apaches were raiding Mexico.  Mexico enforced the treaty and insisted that the United States do something about the raiding Apaches.  Fort Huachuca was the solution.  The temporary fort was established in 1877, to keep the Apaches out of Mexico.

The presence of a military force in the area things began to grow in southeastern Arizona.  Settlers, miners and ranches came to the area.  In 1882, Fort Huachuca became a permanent fort.  The reason for this decision was the reoccurrence of Apache fighting nearby. 

Fort Huachuca has had a rich history.  Many famous individuals have come in contact with the fort.  Geronimo, 9th and 10th Calvary, 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments were just some that contributed to the fort’s past.

In the 1950’s the fort was abandoned, until the outbreak of the Korean War.  Fort Huachuca is the only active surviving Calvary military post in Arizona that traces its past back to the Apache Wars.  Today when you visit the fort you will see many buildings that were built during the late 19th century.


Community Features:

There is a great attraction in the area around Sierra Vista.  Fort Huachuca Museum is a popular spot for visitors, interested in the military background of the area.

There are so many outdoor places around Sierra Vista.  You will have to take several days to see them all.  Ramsey Canyon Preserve, Garden Canyon and the San Pedro Riparian National Conservatory Area are all great stops to see nature at its finest.  Southern Arizona is the country’s premier bird-watching areas.  You will see lots of wildlife and plants.  Coronado National Memorial allows visitors an opportunity to hike and drive the area where Coronado searched for the Seven Cities of Gold.



Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering                              January


Festival of the Southwest                                                                   April


Fiesta Culturals                                                                                    May


Salute of the Buffalo Solider


Fourth of July Celebration                                                                 July


Southwest Wings Birding Festival                                                   August


Officers Homes Holiday Tour                                                          December



The fort has a golf course to serve its people.  The Mountain View Municipal Golf Course is located in Fort Huachuca.  If you would like specific directions and information, call 520-533-7092.