Eloy is an agricultural/travel/commercial center located along the

growth corridor between Phoenix and Tucson. In 1902, the

Southern Pacific Railroad built a switch about six miles west of

Picacho, which they named Eloy.


In 1918, W.L. Bernard, J.E. Meyer and John Alsdorf purchased

the east half of the Eloy section and drilled a well. They subdivided

the land and called it Cotton City. They also bought land west of

Eloy and divided it into tracts for raising cotton. In 1919 an application

was made for a post office, but the name Cotton City was

rejected in favor of Eloy. The Pinal County community incorporated

in 1949.



Eloy, at an elevation of 1,568 feet, lies in the Santa Cruz Basin,

one of the state's most fertile agricultural areas. More than 100,000

acres in the valley are irrigable, producing cotton, grains, vegetables

and citrus. Cattle ranching is also important.

Eloy, which is midway between Phoenix and Tucson on

Interstate 10, is a stopping place for travelers on the highway which

stretches from Florida to California. Its location on the main line of

the Southern Pacific Railroad, and on I-10 near the junction with I-8,

makes it attractively situated for industries where transportation is a

key factor.


Skydive Arizona, one of the largest skydiving centers in the

nation, is at Eloy Municipal Airport. Local industries include P.D.M.

Strocal, Glass tile west, a division of Raven Industries, Marley Cooling

Towers, Inc., Hasa Chemical, Arizona Wood Preservatives, and

Western Fiberglass.


Eloy is a participant in the Rural Economic Development

Initiative (REDI) program of the Arizona Department of Commerce.

REDI builds capacity for economic growth by stimulating participation

in local economic development organizations. All of Pinal

County is a designated Enterprise Zone.



Picacho Peak is the site of the only Civil War battle in Arizona.

The battle is re-enacted each spring. Mt. Newman and the rest of

the Picacho Mountains offer a beautiful panorama to the east of

Eloy. The Saw tooth Mountains have a very distinctive profile to the

south and west. There are abundant facilities for tourists and residents

alike at Picacho Peak State Park and the surrounding area.

Another point of historic interest is the Casa Grande National

Monument, 15 miles north of Eloy. Picacho Reservoir offers fine fishing

with abundant dove and quail hunting in season, as well as bird

watching for many rare species.


Water enthusiasts enjoy several man-made lakes to the northeast,

where they can fish, swim and water ski nearly all year. The

metropolitan areas of Tucson and Phoenix offer a wide variety of

attractions. Sunland Visitors Center is open Monday through

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Toltec Rd. & state Highway 84).