Dolan Springs is an unincorporated desert community at the base of Mount Tipton, a 6,900-foot prominence in the Cerbat Mountains in west-central Mohave County. At an elevation of 3,300 feet, the town is approximately 30 miles northwest of Kingman. A land development program known as Lake Mohave Ranchos was responsible for Dolan Springs' start as a population center. Dolan Springs is primarily a residential and retirement community. Local commercial establishments provide some employment in wholesale/retail trade and service, and an elementary school provides jobs. Dolan Springs (Gateway to Lake Mead) is 75 miles southeast of Las Vegas, and 70 miles northeast of Laughlin, Nevada. Mohave County has an estimated 1,000 miles of freshwater shoreline with Dolan Springs at the gateway to Lake Mead, a beautiful 550-mile shoreline lake offering bass, catfish, and trout fishing, boating, and other forms of water recreation. Lake Mead was created by the construction of Hoover Dam. The Pierce Ferry Road, beyond the community itself, is paved to South Cove toward the upper or eastern end, of Lake Mead. The distance from Dolan Springs is about 43 miles. In addition to the area's water recreation, there are gold mines, rock hunting, and the attraction of Las Vegas, Nevada. Tour buses to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is available daily from Dolan Springs. The Hualapai Mountains' forested slopes, 40 miles southeast, offer picnicking and hunting. One of the world’s largest Joshua Tree Forests is located in the Lake Mohave Ranchos/Dolan Springs area. The first official exploration of the Colorado River to Black Canyon, the site of today's Hoover Dam, was made in 1858 by Army Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives aboard the steamboat Explorer. Hoover Dam, about 43 miles northwest of Dolan Springs, is crossed by U.S. 93.