In 1953, Davis Dam was completed.  The dam created Lake Mohave by holding back the Colorado River.  Davis Dam is 65 miles south of Hoover Dam.  Today you can visit the dam and see up close the size of the structure and the powerful water it is controlling.  Davis Dam provides flood control to the area, along with harnessing hydroelectric power for the southwest.

Tours of the dam take visitors in an elevator down into the solid structure.  Here you can hear the sound of the turbines and see the water bubbling up in the penstocks.  From this spot, the water then begins its flow down the river into Lake Havasu.  It is an interesting and amazing tour.

The tours are self-guided and are free.  The dam is open daily from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. 

You can get to Davis Dam from Bullhead City by taking Highway 95 north out of town pass Laughlin.  You should bump right into the dam on Highway 95.  If you are coming from Kingman, take Beale Street out of town west to Highway 68.  Travel west on Highway 68 past Golden Valley.  You will see the dam before you cross the Colorado River.  Keep your eyes open for signs.

Located 8 miles north of the City of Laughlin on the Nevada side and 10 miles north of Bullhead City on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. Lake Mohave resulted from the construction of Davis Dam which spans the Colorado River below Hoover Dam, a portion of the Boulder Canyon Project. On the Arizona side of the river and managed by the Mohave County Parks Department is the Davis Dam Camp, a campground and day-use area well-appointed for the physically challenged angler and also has boat launching facilities, numerous campsites, RV hookups, and picnic areas. Available species include rainbow trout, striped bass, and catfish. The City of Laughlin has numerous casinos, lodging, eating establishments, and entertainment.