Clarkdale is in Northern Arizona.  It is in Yavapai County.  The town is located in the Verde Valley between the towns of Cottonwood and Jerome.  It is on State Highway 260.  You can get there from Phoenix and Tucson by taking Interstate 17 north out of town.  Continue up to the town of Camp Verde, where you will exit and head west on State Highway 260.  Then travel along on State Highway 260 through Cottonwood and into Clarkdale.  If you are coming from Flagstaff take State Highway 89A southwest out of town and travel through Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and into Cottonwood.  Once in Cottonwood take State Highway 260 northwest to Clarkdale.




Clarkdale is a great place to learn about the history of mining and ride the rails.  It is a small town that began as smelter town.  Today Clarkdale is a model town with beautiful homes and streets.  It has a population of 2,100.  The town sits at an elevation of 3,545 feet.  The climate is cool all year.  The low temperature in the winter is 30 degrees and the high temperature in the summer is 97 degrees.  The town does receive approximately 11 inches of rain a year and 4 inches of snow.  The town has refused to accept the end of the copper era as a defeat.  Today, the town has diversified its economy and adjusted to new realities.  It is building a promising future.  The town is relying on tourism, retirees and trade.


Community Features:

There are some terrific attractions in and near Clarkdale.  The Verde Canyon Railroad is a wonderful experience.  Visitors will travel down the railroad lines viewing scenic spots and wildlife.  This is a very popular attraction.  Tuzigoot National Monument is an old Indian dwelling. The monument has hiking trails leading visitors up to the dwellings. 

Clarkdale has so many outdoor activities.  Dead Horse Ranch State Park is so close to town.  This park has a variety of things to offer its visitors.  You will discover camping, horseback riding and fishing.  The Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Area is a 26-mile canyon perfect for hiking.  This canyon is one of the most breathtaking spots in the area.