The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a modern Catholic chapel.  It rises 200 feet from the ground and is set in between two large red rock formations.  Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed it.  The chapel was built in 1956 and uses a ramp for its entrance. 

As visitors approach the chapel, the 90-foot white cross on the front of the structure can be spotted easily.  The best time to make your visit to the chapel is at sunrise.  You will see the sunlight traveling through the large stain glass window at the front of the chapel.  It is a glorious sight to behold.

There are no regular services at the chapel.  However, it does provide a relaxing spot for reflection.  Visitors will be able to enjoy their mediation with soft music and wonderful views of light.  The Chapel of the Holy Cross is open everyday from 9:00 to 5:00 pm.  There is no entrance fee.  If you would like more information on the chapel, you may call 520-282-4069.

You can get to the Chapel of the Holy Cross from Sedona by taking State Route 179 south to Chapel Road.  Then take Chapel Road up to the structure.  It is approximately two miles south of Sedona.  You can get to the Chapel of the Holy Cross from Phoenix or Tucson by taking Interstate 10 north out of town, past the town of Camp Verde.  When you get to the exit for State Highway 179, take it and continue heading north up to Sedona.  Just before you get into town, you will see Chapel Road.  Turn right and travel up the road to the chapel.  If you are coming from Flagstaff, take State Highway 89 south out of town.  You will go through Oak Creek Canyon and into Sedona.  Then take State Highway 89 south heading out of Sedona.  When you get to Chapel Road, take it up to the chapel.