The Casa Malpais National Historic Landmark Site is located about 2 miles north of downtown Springerville.  You can reach the site by Interstate 60.  It is a 16 acre pueblo complex that is known around the world.  Casa Malpais was built in 1250 A.D. and was lived in by the Mogollon (Western Pueblo people) for nearly 120 years.  The site represents one of the largest and most complex communities in the United States.  Casa Malpais has a Great Kiva, a large masonry pueblo, an enclosing wall, a prehistoric trail, numerous rooms, scared chambers, rock art areas, grinding spots and formal trash middens.  Many of the artifacts found are on display at the Malpais Museum.  The Casa Malpais Museum and Visitor Center is open daily in the summer.  There are tours of the site offered every day.  This site is a must-see when you are in the area of Springerville.