This 100-feet tall, steel lookout tower was erected in 1934. Fire lookouts use high vantage points like this to spot and report forest fires. This lookout tower is worthy of preservation because it is an example of a tower design that is rapidly being replaced by newer styles. For this reason, and because of its historic association with Forest Service fire suppression programs, Big Springs Lookout Tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

To get Big Springs take AZ 67 south from North Kaibab Visitor Center for about 12 miles and turn west on FR 429. Follow this road for about 6 more miles to the junction of FR 454 and go right on 454. It is another 4 miles to the tower. The forest roads are rocky and steep at times, but they are suitable for passenger vehicles. Caution is advised!

Mature ponderosa pine is dominant with scattered Gambel oak.  Mule deer and turkey can be seen in the morning and evening hours. Other common wildlife includes Kaibab squirrels, chipmunks, and birds.