Vision, History, & Partners 

What is the vision of the Arizona Trail? What are some of the milestones in the development of the trail? Who are the Arizona Trail Partners?     

Yaqui Ridge Trail, Coronado National Monument


There are 41 Arizona Trail passages. Discover which are complete and the elevation range of each passage.


National Trails Day, June 1998 Status 

How many miles to go? The Arizona Trail was 57% complete as of the Summer of 1998. Learn which segments are not yet complete and what is being done to complete each segment.


Map outlines complete and proposed segments. 

Arizona Trail Facts 

These facts illustrate the diversity of this unique long-distance trail. The life zones found in Arizona are also listed, so that you can get a better picture of the environment each passage travels through.  

View of the wildflowers at

Picketpost Mountains


The amount of information available on the Arizona Trail continues to increase. There are a number of new resources you may not have heard about yet.

Volunteer with the Arizona Trail Association 


The Arizona Trail Association (ATA) is the non-profit organization supporting the development of the trail. Join with other ATA volunteers and help build a piece of Arizona history! Your help is needed with everything from trail construction and maintenance to fundraising and administrative work. If you would like to volunteer, visit ATA's website for the Work Project and Events Calendar, and a list of Program Areas in need of volunteers. 

Leave No Trace 

All Arizona Trail users are encouraged to learn how to leave no trace along the trail. Visit the official website, and always practice the 6 principles of LEAVE NO TRACE (www.lnt.org):

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare 

2. Camp and Travel on Durable Surfaces 

3. Pack it In, Pack it Out 

4. Properly Dispose of What you Can't Pack Out 

5. Leave What You Find 

6. Minimize Use and Impact of Fires 


Do you have any suggestions or comments about the Arizona Trail? If you noticed anything that needs attention, please let us know! Since it is not possible to continually monitor the condition of the entire trail, we appreciate your input on what you saw when you were hiking or riding the trail -- and positive feedback is just as useful. (Example: Were there downed trees or overgrown vegetation blocking the trail? Vandalized signs or structures? Did you have difficulty finding the trail or trailhead?)

For more information about the Arizona Trail, contact the following:

The Arizona Trail Steward

Cynthia Lovely

1300 W. Washington

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

(602) 252-4794, e-mail: grants@pr.state.az.us

The Arizona Trail Association

P.O. Box 36736

Phoenix, Arizona 85067

(602) 252-4794, e-mail: ata@aztrail.org