The Arizona Science Center is a relatively new spot in downtown Phoenix.  The Center hosts a variety of activities for the whole family.  Children will love going to this place because there are lots of hands-on projects.  There are many things to do at the Center. 

You need to make some decisions when you arrive at the admissions counter.  Your choices include visiting the exhibits, viewing a giant screen film or going to a planetarium.  The decision is a difficult one to make but use the time you have set aside for the visit to guide your decision.  Don’t take on too much.  You can always make a return visit.  All of the admission choices include the exhibit portion.  I believe this is the highlight of the trip for children.  Children become involved in the activities at the Center.  These exhibits allow the visitors an opportunity to not only read and learn about science concepts but also participate.  The giant screen film is always changing.  When you arrive at the Center you will have to look at what film is currently showing.  It can be an awesome experience viewing a film of this size.  The planetarium is an amazing experience too.  The planetarium takes you out to the night sky, where you are guided through the constellations.  Be prepared for a ride at the end of the show.  Visitors can also try all three activities.

I have found that taking my time moving through the Center has proven to be the most rewarding.  Children can become very excited with all the things to see and touch.  It is important to slow them down and talk about the things they are encountering.  It will make the experience more beneficial.

The Arizona Science Center is open every day of the year 10 am to 5 pm (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas).  The admission is as follows: exhibits only adults $x.00 - children (4-12) and seniors (65+) $x.00, exhibits and giant screen film adults $x.00 – children and seniors $8.00, exhibits and planetarium adults $x.00 – children and seniors $x.00 and all three activities adults $x.00 – children and seniors $x.00.

It is located in downtown Phoenix on the northwest corner of Washington and 7th Street.  You may find parking in the parking garage at the Heritage and Science Park only (southeast corner of Monroe and 5th Street).  If you bring your parking stub you may get it validated at the admissions counter.

The Center is a fun-filled day.  Be prepared to spend some time there.  The Center also has a gift store full of great objects to remember the day and increase learning.  There is also a snack area nearby.  If you plan to take more than one trip to this exciting spot you might want to look into a membership.  The films and exhibits are always changing and nobody will ever tire of the endless opportunities to explore.