Statehood:  February 14, 1912  Arizona is the 48th state

Origin of the Name:  Historians believe that the name Arizona came from the Papago Indian word arizonac which means “small spring”.  Yet, another belief is that the name comes from the Aztec word arizuma which means “silver-bearing”.

State Capital:  Phoenix founded in 1867

State Nickname:  Arizona’s official nickname is the Grand Canyon State.  Some other nicknames are Valentine State because Arizona became as State on Valentine’s Day and the Baby State because Arizona is one of the youngest states.

State Flag:  Arizona adopted the design of the flag in 1917.  The flag has a five pointed, copper-colored star in the middle, which stands for the state’s most prized mineral.  The bottom half of the flag is a field of blue.  The upper half of the flag are 13 rays of light radiating from the star.  The rays alternate red and yellow.  These colors represent the colors of Arizona’s historic Spanish explorers.

State Motto:  Ditat Deus  “God Enriches”

State Bird:  Cactus wren

State Tree:  Palo Verd

State Flower:  Saguaro cactus blossom

State Mammal:  Ring-tailed cat

State Reptile:  Ridge-nosed rattlesnake

State Gemstone:  Turquoise

State Fossil:  Petrified Wood

State Neckwear:  Bola tie which originated in Arizona

State Economy:  Agriculture is cotton, hay, beef cattle, citrus, fruits and lettuce.  Mining is copper and gold.

Elevations: The highest peak is Humphreys Peak at 12,643 feet.  Lowest is 70 feet.

Distances:  The greatest distance in the State from north to south is 389 miles and the greatest distance east to west is 337 miles.

Area:  Arizona is the 6th largest state.

Song:  Arizona has two songs.  They are “Arizona March Song” 


In 1912 the song “Arizona March Song” was adopted as the state song.  The words were written by Margaret Rowe Clifford and the music was by Maurice Blumenthal.  The song is as follows:


Come to this land of sunshine                                     Come stand beside the rivers

To this land where life is young                                 Within our valleys broad.

Where the wide, wide world is waiting,                     Standing here with heads uncovered,

The songs that will now be sung.                               In the presence of our God!

Where the golden sun is flaming                                While all around, about us

Into warm, white, shining day,                                   The brave, unconquered band,

And the sons of men are blazing                                 As guardians and landmarks

Their priceless right of way.                                      The giant mountains stand.



Chorus:                                                                        Chorus:

Sing the song that’s in your hearts                             Not alone for gold and silver

Sing of the great Southwest,                                       Is Arizona great.

Thank God, for Arizona                                              But with graves of heroes sleeping,

In splendid sunshine dressed.                                     All the land is consecrate!

For thy beauty and thy grandeur,                                O, come and live beside us

For thy regal robes so sheen                                       However far ye roam

We hail thee Arizona                                                  Come help us build up temples

Our Goddess and our queen.                                      And name those temple “home”.




Yet, in 1982 Arizona’s legislature adopted the song “Arizona”.  This song was written and music created by Rex Allen Jr..


I love you, Arizona

Your mountains, deserts and streams

The rise of Dos Cabezas

And the outlaws I see in my dreams.


I love you Arizona

Superstitions and all

The warmth you give at sunrise

Your sunsets put music in us all.




Oo, Arizona

Your’re the magic in me

Oo, Arizona

You’re the life-blood of me.


I love you Arizona

Desert dust on the wind

The sage and cactus are blooming

And the smell of the rain on your skin.