Create your own Arizona day trip experience!

Whether you wish to plan a trip to see nature and wildlife, learn about the history of the southwest or just want to get away from it all Arizona has a variety of places to see and things to do that will interest any recreational adventurer. 

Day trips make a refreshing break from the chaos of the daily routine. They can also be cheap since many of the areas are distant from the city. 

Arizona features a surprising range of terrain that includes desert, grassy lowlands, and vegetated mountain regions.  The climate found across the state also shows much variety.  And you don't have to travel far to appreciate this assortment of scenery. In the summer you can take a break in the cool, nearby hills, while the lower-lying areas are more popular in the winter months. 

Aguila is a community northwest of Phoenix and southwest of Prescott.  It is a very small community of about 500 residents. 

The word Aguila means eagle in Spanish, and the area, though small, has been in existence for some time.  There is history to the region, and the old Santa Fe train depot, which ceased service in 1955, stands as a testament to the importance of this community in an earlier time. 

Aguila is notable for its agriculture.  The soil is better than most of that found on the sandy plains typical of the American southwest.  Fruits and vegetables produced include cantaloupes and lettuce. 

The intensive irrigation provides the means to support much greenery.  The area boasts some striking real estate and some wonderful golfing. 

The picturesque landscape makes the area a favorite for touring bicyclists and RV enthusiasts. 

The area monitors rainfall levels in the interest of public safety, to avoid flooding by making sure the extensive irrigation system remains within acceptable water volume levels.

An interesting “attraction” is the Lockheed F-104 Starfire crash site.  The crash took place on March 3, 1966, about 5 miles west of Aguila; and the eager souvenir hunter can still find evidence of the impact, and maybe even some military jet aircraft debris, today.

And Icarus, beware!!  For those interested in civilian flying there are a few area airparks. 

See which features of this community appeal to you the most. 

History, nature and memorable experiences are all a part of what Arizona offers those who live, work, and visit.  So consider the things this area has to offer the next time you take off to discover Arizona

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