Arizona City

Arizona City Location

Situated within Central Arizona, inside Pinal County in the Santa Cruz Basin lays Arizona City.  Arizona City is located on Sunland Gin Road.  It is just three miles south of the intersection of Interstate 8 and Interstate 10, south of Phoenix.  With Tucson being 54 miles south and Phoenix 56 miles north, Arizona City is truly is the midpoint between two of the largest metropolitan cities in Arizona. 

Arizona City is also part of the Golden Corridor, a strip of land between Phoenix and Tucson.  This area is projected to have a tremendous amount of growth in the future.  Arizona City is not part of the Valley of Sun.  However, because of the expansion of the East Valley, it is a community that will likely become part of the valley.  The nickname of “The Desert Haven of the Golden Corridor” best suits this community.

Arizona City Properties

Today, Arizona City is a growing planned community with a rural ambiance.  The city has a warm desert climate and a terrific location between Phoenix and Tucson.  It is a place that many have decided to call home.  Arizona City is situated so well that residents experience only the treasures and pleasures of metropolitan city life.  Residents enjoy the metropolitan convenience, yet make theirs in a peaceful, rural lifestyle.

Arizona City is one of the best-kept secrets along Arizona’s Golden Corridor.  It is a city that combines a scenic desert setting with small-town charm.  Arizona City residents have metropolitan convenience and economic opportunity.  All of this makes Arizona City a great choice to live in.  It is an area that continues to grow and prosper.  This community is a friendly place to live, work, and play.

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Arizona City Outdoor Recreation

Recreation is a major part of life in Arizona City.  With an active lifestyle, it isn’t a surprise that there is a mix of retirees and families.   Many people have made Arizona City their home.  Area residents like to spend time around the community lake.  Paradise Lake is a man-made lake covering 48 acres.  The lake is located in Arizona City and offers both fishing and sailing. 

A friendly, relaxed, recreational town is a way of life in Arizona City.  Happy Days Park is a popular outdoor spot.  The 22 acre Happy Days Park offers picnicking, playground equipment, and outdoor grills.  Outdoor fun is expected when living in Arizona City.

Arizona City History

In 1960, Arizona City was created as a planned community, halfway between Tucson and Phoenix.  However, it wasn’t until the 1970s before Arizona City began to really expand.  This expansion has not stopped.  Today, Arizona City is an established community set upon a spacious section of fertile land set against a backdrop of majestic desert mountains. 

Both farming and ranching have been and continue to be important aspects of the area.  Local farms produce a variety of crops, including cotton, grains, vegetables, and citrus.  Cattle ranching is found sprinkled throughout the surrounding area.  Today, however, the community’s proximity to the junction of Interstate 10 and 8 has made it attractive to many other industries.  Parts of Arizona City have been zoned for industrial and commercial businesses.  Businesses in which transportation is a key factor have discovered Arizona City is the perfect match.

Arizona City Entertainment

Residents in Arizona City enjoy spending time together.  No traffic and smog, just a down-home western feeling.  Arizona City’s small-town lifestyle is evident.  Concerts and shows are provided through the fall and spring months.  These cultural events bring the community together. 

The local Recreational Center draws people in each day.  Video arcade games, card tables, and a snack bar are some of the amenities found at the Recreational Center.  It is a friendly community filled with people who have built their dream hometown.