Aguila-Avondale – A

There are a host of cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “A” ranging from Aguila to Avondale.  Arizona City is becoming a real “hot spot”.  It is located just southwest of Phoenix, off of Interstate 10.  Growing in size each year, Arizona City has become a haven to snowbirds (winter vacationers) and retirees.  Apache Junction is another retirement/winter vacation destination.  The town is to the east of Phoenix, at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Anthem is a new community, north of Phoenix on Interstate 17.  This development hosts golf courses, parks, and a wide range of activities inside its large recreational center.  Phoenix’s west valley has a town called Avondale.  This community offers a range of housing prices, along with new and resale properties.  Located at the junction of U.S. 66 and 89 lies the town of Ash Fork, it is a very small town with cattle roots.  Head to the town of Alpine, here you will be able to get away from the desert and into the pines for fresh air.  Search for an Arizona a small town that can be a great vacation spot or relocation destination.

Bagdad-Bullhead City – B

The word “boom” should be included in this “B” section of the alphabet.  Many of the Arizona towns listed are either currently experiencing a “boom” or have had a “boom” sometime during the town’s history.  Both Bisbee and Bagdad began as big mining towns.  Bisbee was one of the nation’s biggest copper mines.  Today, Bisbee and Bagdad still operate mines.  However, not at the levels they once did.  Bisbee has become a vacation destination with exciting mine tours and wonderful old hotels.  It is the “great American dream town”.  Bullhead City is northwest of Phoenix, along with Colorado River.  It is the perfect place to live or visit.  This town’s location is super because it is right across the river from Laughlin, Nevada.  Black Canyon City was once a small sleepy town, north of Phoenix along Interstate 17.  Today, Black Canyon city is growing.  The town’s growth is due to its proximity to Phoenix and the rural lifestyle Black Canyon City offers its residents.  Buckeye is part of the west valley.  It is just southwest of Interstate 10, on the edge of Phoenix.  As one of the largest towns in Arizona, measuring its size inland, Buckeye is fast becoming an affordable family-style community.  Buckeye is “booming” today!  Click on an Arizona town name and learn more.

Camp Verde-Cottonwood – C

There seems to be a countless number of cities in Arizona, which begin with the letter “C”.  Camp Verde and Cottonwood which head up the “C” list are both located north of Phoenix in the Verde Valley.  Cooler temperatures and a great location, near Interstate 17 along the Verde River, make both Camp Verde and Cottonwood the perfect retirement spots.  Carefree and Cave Creek are two towns that stand out from the list.  Both of these small towns sit just north of Phoenix and are surrounded by mountains.  Western living and a laid back lifestyle are evident when driving through these communities.  However, Carefree represents a high-class style and offers spectacular desert views and million-dollar estates.  While Cave Creek residents, enjoy horse properties and more affordable homes.  Cave Creek and Carefree are home of the cowboys and caviar, where the Old West meets the new.  Chandler is a growing town to the southeast of Phoenix.  Residents believe it is the town where summer spends the winter. Many families are drawn to its museums, parks, and other community-based amenities.  Casa Grande is the “town in the middle”.  It is south of Phoenix, between Phoenix and Tucson.  It is a great place to stop and spend the night.  Casa Grande’s location is ideal, especially when you are traveling along Interstate 10.  Begin your search for an Arizona town, click on a town’s name that you are interested in learning more about.

Dewey-Duncan – D

Searching for a quiet lifestyle, Arizona towns that start with the letter “D” offer the perfect place to start your looking.  Duncan on the far eastern edge of the state, near the New Mexico border is a tiny cattle town.  Dolan Springs is a very small town, near Lake Mead National Recreational Area.  The town is north of Kingman in northwest Arizona.  Dewey sits along the Agua Fria River at the Junction of State Route 169 and State Route 69.  The town is north of Phoenix, yet close to Prescott.  Douglas in its “heyday” was a much bigger city.  It is along the southern Arizona-Mexico border.  The Gadsden The hotel, a historic hotel in town, is still open and full of history from the area.  Click on the Arizona town name that you are curious about and find out more information.

Eagar-Eloy – E

El Mirage tops the list as one of the fastest-growing cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Situated in the west valley, it offers visitors and residents community/family living.  There are many new developments and resale opportunities available.  Eager is a small town northeast of Phoenix, close to the middle of the state, along the border of Arizona and New Mexico.  The location of the town of Eager offers cool temperatures and pine mountain views.  Along Interstate 10, between Phoenix and Tucson, is the town of Eloy.  It is just north of Picacho Peak.  Eloy gives residents and visitors to the area spectacular mountain desert views.  One of the smallest Arizona towns is Elgin, in southern Arizona.  Elgin is a dot on the map.  But, travelers to the area will discover a unique and one of a kind Arizona winery that calls Elgin its home.  Discover more by clicking on the Arizona town’s name!

Flagstaff-Fredonia – F

When you run through your choices of Arizona towns, Flagstaff is one town you don’t want to miss.  Visitors and residents alike believe that they don’t make towns like this anymore.  Flagstaff is directly north of Phoenix, along Interstate 17.  The drive northward is a trip well worth taking.  Once you top the Mogollon Rim and see the usually snowcapped tops of the San Francisco Peaks upon the horizon, you won’t believe that you are still in the state of Arizona.  Northern Arizona University calls Flagstaff it's home and so do hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, and all those who love the outdoors.  Fountain Hills is a master-planned community, northeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Known for its fountain that systematically shoots water over 500 feet into the air in the center of the community lake, it can be seen almost anywhere in Fountain Hills.  The fountain symbolizes all that is Arizona.  Many military families are stationed in and around the town of Fort Huachuca.  This southern Arizona town is near the Arizona-Mexico border and near the town of Sierra Vista.  Are you ready to learn more about an Arizona town?  Click on a town’s name now.

Gila Bend-Guadalupe – G

Glendale, Goodyear, Guadalupe, and Gilbert are all towns that begin with the letter “G” and all area located in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Gilbert is east of Phoenix and south of the U.S. Highway 60.  This community is popular for families and is known as the community of excellence.  Guadalupe is a small community surrounded by several other much larger towns, such as Chandler, Gilbert, and, Tempe.  It has a rich culture.  Goodyear and Glendale are towns on the west side of the Valley of the Sun.  Glendale is the largest and fastest-growing town in the state.  It continues to draw new developments.  The Glendale Arena for concerts and sporting events and the new Arizona Cardinal Professional Football stadium represents the growth in Glendale.  Goodyear is also a growing community, just north of Interstate 10.  Residents and visitors will enjoy views of the neighboring mountain ranges of Estrella and the White Tanks.  Gila Bend is located southwest of Phoenix.  The town can be found, either by taking either State Route 85 or Interstate 8, both roads converge in Gila Bend.  Residents like being close to Phoenix, yet experience the small-town feel.  Globe and Greer are located outside of Phoenix.  Globe is on U.S. 60, over 60 miles east of Phoenix.  Mining was Globe’s focus in the early days and continues to be worked today.  Greer is in the far eastern section of the state and north of Phoenix.  Many visitors head to Greer for a vacation filled with fishing, hiking, and relaxing.  The town of Greer offers cool temperatures, pines, and mountains.  Arizona has so many interesting towns.  Click on the town’s name that you have an interest.

Havasupai-Hualapui – H

The Arizona Indian names of Havasupai and Hualapui are found on the list of Arizona “H” towns.  Havasupai is the name of the Indian Land found at the western end of the Grand Canyon.  The word is pronounced (have a soup pie).  Havasupai means “people of blue-green water”.  Visitors to the Havasupai Indian Land will bedazzle by the gorgeous waterfalls in the area.  Hualapui is the name of the Indian Land that stretches along the Colorado River, approximately between the Grand Canyon and the California border.  The Hualapui Indian Land also has access to the Grand Canyon, but it is farther to the west than the Havasupai Indian Land.  Huachuca City is in the southern section of Arizona, near the Arizona-Mexico border.  The town is known for the many ones of kind migrating birds that flocks to the area.  Holbrook is a town found on Interstate 40 between Flagstaff and the New Mexico border.  There is a historic courthouse located in town.  The Petrified Forest National Park is just on the eastern outskirts of Holbrook.  This makes Holbrook an ideal place to stop and take in some of Arizona’s history and nature’s beauty.  Start reading about towns, click on an Arizona town name, and discover more!

Jerome-Joseph City – J

The town of Jerome has gone through some amazing times throughout its history.  Beginning as a mining town on the edge of Cleopatra Hill, the town bursting at its seams as copper poured out of the mountainside.  After the mining closed down, Jerome still continues to live on.  Visitors to Jerome will see homes clinging to the hillside and hike steep streets to sample cafes and shop at one of kind boutiques.  Joseph City is located on Interstate 40 between Flagstaff and the New Mexico border.  It is a small town near the town of Holbrook.  Travelers often stay in Joseph City and then visit the Petrified Forest National Park, to see spectacular sights of our earth created long ago.  There are so many Arizona towns, click on the town name that you want to learn more about.

Kaibab-Kingman – K

Kingman is the “king” of all the “K” Arizona named towns.  It is located on Interstate 40, in the northwest section of the state. Kingman’s location is ideal for those who want to have an active retirement lifestyle.  The town’s close proximity to Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada makes casino gaming a popular entertainment option.  The Colorado River is also a short drive from Kingman, so water enthusiasts will enjoy boating and jet skiing.  Kaibab-Paiute Indian Land is found in northern Arizona, along with Utah border.  Basketry is an art form that the Kaibab-Paiute Indians are known for producing.  Kayenta is an Indian town on the Navajo Indian Reservation, in the northeast section of Arizona.  Many travelers use the town of Kayenta as a jumping-off spot, when visiting the Navajo National Monument and the many spectacular overlooks at the monument.  Are you searching for information on Arizona towns?  Click on the Arizona town name that you want to learn more about.

Lake Havasu-Litchfield Park – L

Litchfield Park is a master-planned community, located in the fast-growing western side of the Phoenix area.  The development offers residents a mix of retirement and family living.  The views of the nearby mountain ranges, Estrella and the White Tanks give Litchfield Park its beauty.  Lake Havasu has long been one of Arizona’s most popular destinations.  Today, Lake Havasu continues to draw people from all over the world.  Both visitors and residents enjoy the area’s desert-river-lake beauty, along with all the water fun that comes with it.  Young and old alike have discovered that the town of Lake Havasu has it all!  Lakeside is a small town on the eastern side of the state.  Its cool mountain breezes offer visitors and residents the getaway that they have been dreaming of all year!  Are you getting ready to visit Arizona or considering moving to the state?  Click on the Arizona town name and learn more about it.

Mammoth-Morenci – M

The “M” Arizona towns are relatively small towns, except for one.  Mesa is located on the eastern edge of the Valley of the Sun, along U.S. Highway 60.  It began as a small farming community with a Mormon influence.  Today, Mesa is one of the larger Arizona cities and is a magnet to families searching for a town that has it all.  Mesa has great people and quality of service.  Miami, Morenci, and Mammoth all got their start with mining.  These small towns are sprinkled on the southeastern side of the state.  Maricopa is the name of a town and also is the name of an Arizona county.  Maricopa The county includes the Phoenix area.  However, the town of Maricopa is in Pinal County.  Don’t let this confuse you.  The town of Maricopa is south of Phoenix near Interstate 10.  It is a growing area.  Residents like the conveniences of living close to a big city, yet want the small-town feel.  Marana is north of Tucson.  The town has its roots in cattle and farming.  Many new home developments are springing up in Marana today.  Click on the Arizona town name to discover more information on the town.

Navajo-Nogales –N

New River once was a small town that was considered to be too far from Phoenix to live.  However, today New River is a growing town that has good access to metropolitan Phoenix by way of Interstate 17.  New River is nestled in a valley with mountains surrounding it.  Lots of people have found New River to be the best choice for country living, combined with city amenities.  Nogales is Arizona’s Mexico border town.  It is located where Interstate 19, heading south meets the Mexican border.  Travelers to and from Mexico, use Nogales as a stopover point.  Visitors to Nogales like to experience its food and culture.  It doesn’t matter the size of the town, click on the Arizona town name and find out more!

Oatman-Oro Valley – O

Oatman is one Arizona town that uses its spunk to keep it going.  Located in northwestern Arizona on the Back Country Byway/Historic Route 66 heading east out of Kingman (from Interstate 40, just south of Kingman), Oatman is an old west mining town.  It is town that refuses to die.  Visitors will find shops, restaurants, and a local museum.  This spunky little town is jammed in a crevice with tall mountains everywhere you look.  Oro Valley is northeast of Tucson.  It is fast becoming the “hot spot” to live, work, and play.  Bordering the Pusch Ridge Wilderness and close to Catalina Sate Park, Oro Valley gives visitors and residents the beauty of the southwest, along with city amenities.  Oracle is past Oro Valley to the north on State Route 77.  Oracle sits at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  Those visiting Biosphere 2 (a unique enclosed attraction with tours of a variety of microenvironments) use Oracle for lodging.  If you are interested in learning more about an Arizona town, click on its name now.

Page-Pima – P

The letter “P” list is packed full of Arizona towns.  Phoenix does top the list.  It is the capital of Arizona and the largest city in the state.  Phoenix is the first place to visit and one of the best places to live.  Its motto “Vision and values, cascading into the future,” is a true statement.  The motto reflects the city of Phoenix’s continued growth throughout the past 30 years.  With every major professional sports team and a variety of cultural venues available, Phoenix has become a metropolitan city.  Are you looking for a large residential estate, with virtually no commercial businesses located nearby, great mountain views, and situated close to Phoenix?  Search no more!  The town of Paradise Valley fits these requirements perfectly.  Residents in Paradise Valley own properties valued in the millions with sunset views to die for.  Growing in land size, through annexations is one way to describe the town of Peoria.  Situated in the northwest part of the Valley of the Sun, Peoria continues to grow and expand northward up to Lake Pleasant.  If getting out of the city is more your style, then you should head north to Prescott or Pinetop or Payson.  All of these small towns are located way north of Phoenix in the tall pines.  Many Arizonans and visitors to the state vacation to these popular cool temperature destination towns.  The town of Parker is located along the Colorado River, bordering the California state line.  It is a water sports lover’s paradise.  The blue Colorado River and warm weather of Parker make this small town a great getaway any time of the year.  Click on the Arizona town’s name and read more information.

Quartzite-Queen Creek – Q

Some people find the town of Quartzsite to be “a bit quirky.”  But to those who make their annual winter visit or live in this far western Arizona town.  Quartzsite is the perfect balance of fun and relaxation.  Quartzsite is located on Interstate 10, west of Phoenix and close to the California border.  This makes Quartzsite the ideal location for making visits to friends and family in both Arizona and California.  The warm temperatures and beautiful desert scenery give Quartzsite residents the best environment to play.  Queen Creek is in the eastern section of the Valley of the Sun.  The town is located south of U.S. 60 with views of the San Tan Mountains to its south.  Queen Creek is a popular choice for family and retirement living.  Large or small there is information on many Arizona towns, click on the name to discover more.

Red Rock-Rio Rico – R

Red Rock, Rio Rico and Rimrock are all small towns in Arizona.  If you get out a map, you will need to look hard to find these tiny Arizona towns.  Red Rock is south of Phoenix on Interstate 10, south of Picacho Peak.  The town began as a cattle ranch.  Rico Rico is also in the southern part of the state.  It located near the Arizona-Mexico border, just north of Nogales by the Santa Cruz River.  Rimrock is a tiny community in northern Arizona.  It is in the Verde Valley, just off of Interstate 17.  Today, retirees have discovered Rimrock as is the ideal setting to share their home with family and friends.  Arizona offers visitors and residents lots of choices.  Click on Arizona town name that you want to find out more information on today.

Safford-Sedona – S

Somehow the letter “S” has become the symbol for retirement in Arizona.  With towns named Sahuarita, Sun City, and Sun Lakes to name just a few, the letter “S” seems to be a great start for Arizona retirement living.  However, there are other Arizona towns that offer more than active retirement living, that start with the letter “S”.  For example, Show Low, Snowflake, and Strawberry are all small towns in the northeastern section of the state.  Many travelers head for outdoor activities.  Hiking, biking, skiing, and so much more await visitors to these small Arizona towns.  Sedona is another Arizona town that offers its visitors amazing red rock views and breathtaking sunsets.  Situated in northern Arizona, off of Interstate 17 on State Highway 89, Sedona is one destination you can not miss.  Spend a day in Sedona and discover great shops, boutiques, and galleries, along with numerous tours and trails to embark upon.  At the close of the day, you will decide one day in Sedona is not enough, in order to see it all.  Then there is the “granddaddy of them all”, the town of Scottsdale is the Valley of the Sun’s pride and joy.  Scottsdale is located just minutes to the east of Phoenix.  It is always found on every Arizona visitor’s list of places to see.  Galleries, shopping, terrific restaurants, museums, and so many more attractions are available to visitors and residents of Scottsdale.  The town is known as the west’s most western town.  But, don’t let the city’s motto fool you.  Scottsdale is hip, up to date, and the place to be seen, by those who know what’s in style.  Check out Scottsdale!  Choose the Arizona town name that you are interested in, either visiting or moving to – then click!  All the information you need will be at your fingertips.

Taylor–Tucson – T

Tucson and Tempe are the locations of two of the three universities in the state of Arizona.  Tucson has the University of Arizona and is home to the Wildcats of Arizona.  Tucson is located to the south of Phoenix, along Interstate 17.  It is situated at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains and surrounded by the Saguaro National Parks to the east and west.  Tucson offers its residents and visitors spectacular desert views.  The town of Tempe is where the Sun Devils play at Arizona State University.  Tempe is just minutes to the southeast of downtown Phoenix, with the Salt River/Tempe Town Lake bordering it to the north.  Great food and shopping edge the town’s downtown Mill Avenue area, guaranteeing students, residents, and visitors a good time in Tempe.  If you are looking for a real old west town, then you need to saddle up and head to the town of Tombstone.  This small cowboy, a mining town in southeastern Arizona is located off of U.S. Highway 80.   Tombstone began in the 1800s and is known as the “town too tough to die.”  Visitors will see the famous O.K. Coral and Boothill Cemetery, along with other western attractions.  Click on the Arizona town name and discover more information.

Window Rock–Williams – W

Western charm can be found northwest of Phoenix, in the town of Wickenburg.  Situated at the crossing of U.S. Highway 60 and U.S. Highway 93, Wickenburg has become a great place to visit and live.  Residents and visitors enjoy the laid back western feel, along with the desert views and sunsets.  Riding horseback and listening to real cowboys play a guitar are common occurrences in the town of Wickenburg.  The town of Williams in northern Arizona, along Interstate 40 east of Flagstaff, is where you catch the train.  Out of the town of Williams, a train leaves the station regularly chugging northward to the Grand Canyon National Park.  Williams has become the perfect place to spend the night before hopping the train to Grand Canyon.  On the Navajo Indian Land, visitors will find the town of Window Rock.  Visitors to this town, along State Highway 264 on the Arizona-New Mexico border, will find the most amazing sight.  A natural bridge (arch) formed out of red rock reaching nearly 100 feet high and 50 feet across.  It is a symbol to the Navajo Indian people and an Arizona attraction that should not be missed.  Are you searching to find information about an Arizona town?  Just click on the Arizona town’s name and you will get more information.

Yavapai–Yuma – Y

Rounding up the end of the alphabet is the letter “Y”.  There are Arizona towns that begin with this letter.  Yuma is the largest town on the “Y” list.  This town has been steadily growing over the past years.  Located along the Colorado River in the southwest corner of the state, Yuma is home to many families and retirees.  Great weather and an ideal location near the Mexico and California border have made Yuma the perfect place to work and play.  Youngtown is on the western side of the Valley of Sun.  It began as a retirement exclusive community, but today changes have been made.  Youngtown is a great place for both families and retirees.  Its convenient location to freeways gives Youngtown residents’ access to all of Phoenix.  Click on the Arizona town name and learn more.