The Ajo Historical Museum gives visitors an opportunity to see Ajo’s beginnings.  The museum is located in the old Saint Catherine’s Indian Mission.  The museum was developed in 1975, in response to the need to preserve the treasures of Ajo’s past.


The museum consists of two main rooms.  One room is in honor of General John C. Greenway, who was instrumental in getting Ajo on the map.  Greenway was a Rough Rider and created the mine in town.  He was also selected as the first citizen in Arizona to be represented by a statue in the Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol Building.  At the museum, you will see photos and artifacts that retell the story of the town’s past. 

The second room is sectioned off by topic, ranging from mining and cowboys to Native Indians.  Visitors will see gemstones, mineral samples, a packsaddle, spurs, Navajo blankets and arrow points.  There is a special spot in the museum that houses a variety of United States flags, which is very unique. 

The Ajo Historical Museum has a gift shop for you to browse through during your visit.

The Ajo Historical Museum is open every day during the winter, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  Summer hours are by appointment only.  If you have any questions about the museum, you may call 520-387-7105.

The museum is located in the town of Ajo at 161 Mission Street.  You can get to the museum from State Highway 85, by turning right onto LaMina and traveling on to Indian Village Road.  Turn right on Indian Village Road and go past the Mine Overlook.  When you hit a fork in the road, take the unpaved road called Mission Street and continue on to the museum.

The Ajo Historical Museum is a great place to stop and learn more about this small town.