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Whether you wish to plan a trip to see nature and wildlife, learn about the history of the southwest or just want to get away from it all Arizona has a variety of places to see and things to do that will interest any recreational adventurer. Day trips make a refreshing break from the chaos of the daily routine. They can also be cheap, since many of the areas are distant from the city.

Arizona features a surprising range of terrain that includes desert, grassy lowlands and vegetated mountain regions. The climate found across the state also shows much variety. And you don’t have to travel far to appreciate this assortment of scenery. In the summer you can take a break in the cool, nearby hills, while the lower lying areas are more popular in the winter months.

The Valley of the Sun

There are 24 cities that make up the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix and Paradise Valley occupy the central part of the valley. Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, Guadalupe, Apache Junction and Tempe flank it on the east. Buckeye, Surprise, Gila Bend, Avondale, Sun City, Peoria, Glendale, Tolleson, Litchfield Park, Youngtown and El Mirage are in the west. On the north end is Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Carefree and Cave Creek. The warm
temperatures and sunny days, that these communities experience every day coined the nickname Valley of the Sun. However, you will not find it written on any map. To learn more visit

Arizona Attractions

What attractions should you visit first? This is a difficult question to answer because Arizona has so some many attractions to choose from. But, you don’t need to worry. Let the Arizonan guide you through the process. Whatever your interest, you will find a place in Arizona that is just right for you. Arizona has attractions located all over the State. There are attractions that are only minutes away and those that will make a full day adventure. All you need to do is decide how much time you have to explore. For more on great Arizona attractions 

Outdoor Arizona

Arizona is known for its beautiful outdoors. As you travel the state, you will encounter lots of outdoor activities. You will find water sports, hiking, camping and exploring ghost towns. There is something for everyone. With so many outdoor activities, you need a guide to help you sort through all of them. Arizonan.com will help guide you through all of the choices. All you need to do is sit back and start planning which outdoor
activity you want to begin with first. To decide, click to visit

Arizona History 

There are disagreements over the origin of the word “Arizona.” There are four Indian versions of the word. “Arizuma” is an Aztec word meaning “silver bearing.” “Ali shonak” or “Ari-son” came from the Pima Indians and means “small spring.” “Aleh-zone” also means “small spring” from the Tohono O’odham Indians. However, it is known that a Spanish missionary first used the word in print during the 1750’s.

Organized as a territory in 1863, admitted to the Union in 1912, Arizona is one of the nation’s youngest states. It is one alive with the spirit of youth, yet it is a place that has been inhabited for nearly 20,000 years. The region began with cliff dwellings and has continued on to the present with high-rise condominiums. From this early beginning, Arizona has grown. 

All the towns throughout Arizona have a history. These pasts have woven together to create a colorful tapestry that makes this great state what it is today. Take a journey back in time and learn what life was like long ago.

To find out more about Arizona’s history, continue to look through Arizonan.com. You will discover more about the rich history of the Grand Canyon State. Click to learn more about 

Arizona Towns

Arizona has many unique towns. There are a variety of reasons for each town’s origin. Communities grew due to mining, farming, location or even climate. You will soon discover every town has a story. As a traveler through Arizonan.com., you will learn about these stories and their rich history that has made Arizona what it is today.  For more information visit 

Indian Lands

Arizona’s Indian history began long ago, with the Hohokam, Anasazi and the Sinagua people. These cultures can be traced back hundreds and hundreds of years. Some of these tribes simply disappeared and others have evolved into the Indian Tribes we see today. Since that long ago beginning, the Indian community has been through its share of difficult times. When settlers and miners first arrived in Arizona, many of the Indians did not approve of their infringement on
the land. Wars and raiding broke out across the region. After years of battle, the Indians were forced onto Indian Reservations. For more visit 

Arizona Maps

Are you ready to hit the road for a great Arizona adventure, but you aren’t so sure which roads are the best ones to take? Don’t worry Arizonan.com can help. In the menu provided, you will find over 50 maps of towns and places all across the state. Just click and away you’ll go.

Arizonan.com provides these maps as a helpful planning tool. However, my suggestion to you is to head down to your local map store and buy a couple good ones. Personally, I keep no less than four different maps in my truck. Arizona is a big state and it is easy to get yourself turned around.

Please don’t ever leave on a trip without water or an emergency kit. We are not responsible for changes, or errors in the maps. Click to find a

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