Bouse is in Western Arizona . It is in La Paz County. The town is located about halfway between Parker and Interstate 10 on State Highway 72. Parker is just 22 miles northwest of Bouse.
Bouse is a poplar retirement and visitor stop because of its mild winters. It is a place filled with natural beauty and history. The town sits at an elevation of 700 feet. The southwest desert climate has a winter low Temperature of 39 degrees and a summer high Temperature of 106 degrees. Clean air, outstanding weather, gorgeous desert views make Bouse appealing to both young growing families and those wanting to retiree.

In 1906, the town of Bouse was settled. The town was originally named Brayton. The name was chosen to honor John Brayton Martin, who was in charge of the Brayton Commercial Company for the Harquahala Mine.
There are two stories as to how the name was changed to Bouse. One story says that when the postal application was filed in 1907, the applicants name Thomas Bouse was used instead of Brayton. Another story says, that the old timeers in town wanted the name to be changed to honor the old timeer Tom Bouse, who was a trader and storekeeper in town during the early days. Today Bouse is an incorporated town. Agriculture is a major economic source. The abundance of groundwater and large sections of undeveloped land make Bouse a perfect place to farm. Tourism is becoming another source of income for the town. Visitors come to see the spectacular desert views, visit the numerous attractions located nearby and enjoy the mild winters.
Community Features:
There are several attractions that you wont want to miss. Swansea was once a copper mining town. At one time, it had close to 1,000 people living in town. When the mine closed in 1924, it became a ghost town. Visitors can head northeast out of Bouse on a dirt road for approximately 30 miles to see the towns remains. The Black Mountain Museum is located just one mile south of Bouse, on State Highway 72. The museum is a combination museum/ghost town/trading post. It is an eclectic spot filled with old stuff ranging from vintage automobiles to Indian artifacts. It is one stop that will keep your eyes roaming for more.

Visitors should check hours and days, before heading out to the museum. Camp Bouse Ninth Tank Group Memorial can be seen in Bouse, along State Highway 72, across from the A and C Mercantile Company. The memorial honors those who attended the secret Army base, during World War II in Butler Valley about 20 miles east of Bouse. The Army trained men to use a new home tank designed for night warfare. The Bouse Fisherman Intaglio or geoglyph can be found along Plomosa Road near Bouse. The geoglyph is a large figure created by Indians long ago. It is believed that individuals removed the dark desert pavement stones and dug into the lighter colored soil to create the figure. The figure is an enormous human shape with outstretched arms. The story that revolves around the human shape says that the God, Kumastamo shoved a spear into the ground to make the Colorado River flow. An interpretive sign and plaque mark the intaglio. Visitors are asked to take care when visiting the site.
Founders Day November
Bouse Booster Christmas Bazaar December