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Willcox is in Southern Arizona. It is in Cochise County. The town is located on Interstate 10 near the New Mexico State border, halfway between Phoenix and El Paso, Texas. You can get to Willcox from Tucson or Phoenix by taking Interstate 10 out toward New Mexico. Willcox is between Tucson and the New Mexico border.

Willcox is a great spot to begin a trip through Cochise County. Its great location along Interstate 10 makes it convenient for traveling. Willcox began as cattle shipping town and continues to be a cattleman's town today. Willcox also serves as the major center for agriculture and tourism in the county. You will find apple orchards, pistachios, grape vineyards, pecans, along with ostrich farms. Today Willcox's population is 3,100. The town sits at an elevation of 4,167 feet. The climate is mild all year round. The low temperatures in the winter are near 39 degrees and the summer highs are around 99 degrees. 

There are some attractions in Willcox that will peak your interest. The Rex Allen Arizona Museum is a terrific place to learn more about the famous cowboy and his career. The Museum of the Southwest is another spot that you must see when visiting Willcox. The museum will give you directions for taking a self-directed driving tour of the county. "Travel the Magic Circle of Cochise" is a beautiful, informative drive. 

Fort Bowie is a unique spot back in time. The fort once housed men to protect the settlers from the Apache Indians. You can still see remains of the fort still standing today. A visit to the Amerind Foundation, just west out of town is a great museum. You will learn so much about the Native American cultures.

Willcox has several outdoor activities near the town. The Chiricahua National Monument is a beautiful area filled with wildlife and beautiful geological formations. The Muleshoe Ranch Cooperative Management Area has a variety of migratory birds for you to see. Cochise Stronghold is a place to see the rock formation of the great Apache Indian leader's profile looking skyward. It is a wonderful sight.

Wings Over Willcox January
History Fest May
Magic Circle Bike Challenge August
Rex Allen Days October
Christmas Apple Festival December