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When you run through your choices of Arizona towns, Flagstaff is one town you don't want to miss. Visitors and residents alike believe that they don't make towns like this anymore. Flagstaff is directly north of Phoenix, along Interstate 17. The drive northward is a trip well worth taking. Once you top the Mogollon Rim and see the usually snowcapped tops of the San Francisco Peaks upon the horizon, you won't believe that you are still in the state of Arizona. Northern Arizona University calls Flagstaff its home and so do hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, and all those who love the outdoors. Fountain Hills is a master planned community, northeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Known for its fountain that systematically shoots water over 500 feet into the air in the center of the community lake, it can be seen almost anywhere in Fountain Hills. The fountain symbolizes all that is Arizona. Many military families are stationed in and around the town of Fort Huachuca. This southern Arizona town is near the Arizona-Mexico border and near the town of Sierra Vista. Are you ready to learn more about an Arizona town? Click on a town's name now.



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